For prospective residents searching to find “The Best Place in the City” to live, look to developer Marcus Hiles. His company Western Rim Property Services specializes in affordable luxury rental units that are conveniently located around the state of Texas. Tenants will find a higher quality of life without sacrificing any convenient amenities found in homes, the perfect way to enhance the apartment lifestyle. Beautiful settings and modern features aim to encourage renters to look beyond the basics for long-term rental solutions.

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Want your state’s economy to grow? Take after Texas, says prominent developer Marcus Hiles

Want your state’s economy to grow? Take after Texas, says prominent developer Marcus Hiles

The Lone Star state has a booming economy. In fact, if it were an independent nation, it would boast the twelfth largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Texas real estate investor and developer Marcus Hiles pins this success to the state’s firm stance against high spending along with lower government regulations on businesses. “Over the past decade, our leaders have created an environment for businesses and residents to thrive,” Hiles boasts. “We have no corporate or personal income tax, and during each session, our Legislature curbs spending growth.” Hiles encourages other states to follow the lead of Texas.

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The area in which Marcus Hiles’ latest development has been built is next to the exciting town of Prosper. The area’s reputation for enjoying excellent academic achievements at school level has proved a real draw for families moving to the area, as do  the excellent retail facilities and restaurants in the town. Its proximity to Dallas is a huge attraction to sports fans and also music lovers- Texas has never been short of great entertainment venues, and Dallas has long been at the heart of this. Access to nearby facilities is one of the integral factors that help Western Rim Properties choose their locations.

Western Rim Property Services firmly believe in the benefits of a community lifestyle. To this end, it has created more than 25,000 properties of outstanding design and elegance to provide aspirational, professional men and women of all ages and backgrounds, with affordable, secure apartments situated in some of the most glorious scenery to be found in the United States. And with the influx of a highly-skilled workforce, the surrounding areas in which each housing community is located are enjoying hitherto undreamt of economic growth. So what makes a Marcus Hiles house so desirable for those thinking of moving to the area?

Firstly, each property holds a commitment to design that has made them exceptional amongst competitors. The combination of celebrated interior designers with experienced architects has led to the development of some of the most elegant and stylish housing on the market. They use only the finest materials and appliances available on the market, while keeping one eye firmly on the environmental impact of using such fittings and fixtures. From the over-sized granite-faced counter tops and Italian marble tiled entry to the mansions, to the jacuzzi tubs and designer kitchen cabinets, these houses purr with restrained luxury.

Despite radiating such a grandiose standard of living, and an almost unbelievable level of comfort and safety, all Western Rim properties do ensure they stay within a price range that is affordable to their target residents. They aim to build and encourage a diverse community, from young urban professionals to thriving and established families. You can find out more about the company, the projects they are involved in, and its visionary CEO, by receiving the latest tweets from Marcus Hiles on