Marcus Hiles - Produces Communities in an Eco-Friendly Way

One of the main ideologies of Marcus Hiles, a distinguished Texas real estate developer, is nature preservation. For this man, it is a duty to build locales that are brimming with nature and help decrease world’s carbon footprint. Hiles’ care for the environment as the boss of Western Rim Property Services is mirrored to more than 15,000 posh rental apartments and townhomes situated in the Lone Star State. One of his building policies that aim on the wellbeing of the environment is setting up appliances that come with an ENERGY STAR label given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since the 1992 commencement of this program called ENERGY STAR, its application in the U.S. has caused the decrease of 283.2 million metric tons in carbon dioxide discharges. Roughly 50% has been decreased in the yearly utility bills of the average Texas residents, which are $400 for natural gas and $1650 for electricity usage.

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Marcus Hiles Maintains High Levels Of Environmental Stewardship

For Western Rim Property Services Chairman and CEO Marcus Hiles, contemporary design and sustainable housing are of mutual importance. The pioneering real estate developer has singlehandedly altered the real estate market in Texas with his invention of luxury apartments and townhomes maintaining the highest environmental standards. His upscale rentals integrate seamlessly into the natural landscape, utilizing eco-friendly building practices and containing modern, energy-efficient amenities, making Western Rim’ elegance eco-friendly.

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Marcus Hiles - Tells What a Texas Luxury Renter Should Do to Become More Joyful

The market for lavish living is more significant in Texas. As mentioned by Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services Marcus Hiles, upscale rental properties constructed in the Lone Star State are highest in number, paving the way for renters towards a lavish way of life. “Singles, families, empty nesters, and retirees seem to be satisfied by renting,” he says. “The annual growth in the number of renters across the U.S. is expected to be 500,000 through 2023.”

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Marcus Hiles On Amenities Provided By Luxury Rental Communities

Marcus Hiles pushes for upmarket tenants to spend leisure time taking advantage of their community’s unique offers and amenities. While some neighborhoods may be reminiscent of a vacation resort, with access to a championship golf course or an on-site spa, others might house an extensive network of nature trails, a lake, or a wildlife habitat. Renters inside communities that offer upscale urban living in the heart of modern cities like Austin and Houston enjoy easy access to local galleries, nightlife, and restaurants. It is almost certain that luxe locales, such as those developed by Western Rim Property Services, will offer high-end fitness centers, stellar swimming pools, professional business centers, and even personalized concierge centers.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Affordable Luxury Units

Affordable luxury units are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In the fast growing area of Texas, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the basics and seek luxurious amenities in an urban location. Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim Property Services have it all for you to choose. The common denominator for all his units is that they all have affordable luxurious amenities. What sets this units apart is that all of them are pet friendly and that every once In a while there are community events where you can get to know you neighbours. Read more on this topic here: