2500 Trees Planted Annually by Western Rim’s Marcus Hiles

2500 Trees Planted Annually by Western Rim’s Marcus Hiles

Hiles and his team have mastered the art of planting trees, having successfully planted a total of 30,000 trees in the last decade. He has committed the annual planting goal of 2,500 trees as part of Western Rim’s long-term objectives. “We have seen firsthand the impact our efforts have had, both aesthetically and environmentally,” Hiles said. “These initiatives are just the beginning. We purposely plant and donate parklands beyond any government development regulation because we know that our labor today will benefit the ecosystem for future decades. My goal is to continue increasing the tree canopy in all of our neighborhoods as well as create municipal parks, jogging trails, and reserves. Our commitment to proven ecological solutions grants our renters the optimal quality of life in a thriving community.”

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